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A Tilley Face Couple

Congrats to Kristen and Conrad on their wedding. Starting a new life together deserved a fresh new look.

Anna the Blogger

We love seeing creative people get excited about our product. Anna is a blogger in Chicago and wanted to add a little pizzazz to her website. Having a Tilley Face was the perfect option. She was able to further connect herself to her blog’s brand by incorporating her ‘Face’ into her sites imagery. See’s a super interesting person with an amazing talent for writing. See her blog ‘Life Annamated’ here.

Introducing Tilley Face

This company is built out of the importance of being an individual. We create custom illustrations that bring out your unique personality. Some people use it for branding, some as company/personal profiles, and the rest use them on cool things we haven’t even thought of yet. When you decide to buy a Tilley Face we create it by hand and give each and every one love and attention. Get Tilley Faced today!